Using 5 different noise sources including Digital Blue, Digital Guassian, The Korg MS20 Analog Pink Noise Source, The cold noise source of the Snazzy FX Telephone Game and the unique digital "Noise Study" source of The Make Noise Telharmonic we crafted 280 percussion samples.

Each noise source, excluding the Telharmonic was recorded into the Make Noise Morphogene Eurorack module so that they could be pitched and modulated into unique timbres and recognizable snares, hats, shakers using the analog Sherman Filter Bank as both a filter and VCA to achieve snappy results.

A second analog filter, the Mannequin's Three Sisters was placed between the Sherman Filter Bank and Morphogene to add and or subtract harmonics creating some powerful metallic and even wood like tones.

INFO: 280 Normalized WAV files - 16BIT - 44.1kHz