The Twisted Waveform Penetrator sample pack contains some of the most unique one shot samples Shadowire Industries has created thus far.

All the sounds are are sourced from the Buchla Twisted Waveform Generator 259e Module processed through two different gate circuits. One circuit being the Low Pass Gate section of the Folktek Conduit Eurorack module, the other being the Voltage Controlled Amp of the Snazzy FX Tidal Wave Eurorack module.

These two gate circuits impart their own coloration to the samples. The Conduit's LPG gives a more organic flavor while the Tidal Wave's VCA is a straight forward raw sound with a fast hard attack.

What makes this sound pack especially unique is the use of two other eurorack modules, the Intellijel's Rubicon and Rubicon 2. These two modules were used in a linked setup which acted as both standard LFO and audio rate modulation to the Buchla TWG.

With this linked modulation setup, we were able to achieve drastic FM tones, unique organic pulses and even slightly more normal percussion and drum hits like snares, bass hits, high hats and kick drum like thumps.

The pack also contains 57 samples processed through the Conduit LPG and then additionally a 1980's analog Ramsa WR-133 mixer with overdrive clipping saturation. These samples have a more darker tone, but also more electrical hum from the old mixer. Great for experimental or industrial type applications.


INFO: 263 Normalized WAV files - 16BIT - 44.1kHz